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"Advancing women’s lives through the power of philanthropy"

Alpha Phis are passionate about advancing not only the lives of our sisters but the lives of women around the world. Whether it’s initiating community service efforts, raising awareness for heart health, or navigating the unique and challenging issues facing women on today’s college campuses, we stand together boldly to make a difference on our campus and in our community.



In 1956, Alpha Phi became one of the first women’s fraternities to establish a Foundation. Today, the Alpha Phi Foundation is a thriving, well-known, and respected philanthropic leader in the Greek community. The Foundation supports Alpha Phi’s leadership training and programming, awards need-based and merit-based scholarships, invests in the advancement of women’s heart health, and preserves our rich and expansive heritage.

 Today, the original priorities hold true in our five vital programs:

  1. Supporting innovative leadership training and programming led by Alpha Phi Fraternity.

  2. Awarding scholarships to undergraduate and graduate Alpha Phis.

  3. Investing in the advancement of women’s heart health.

  4. Helping members in need through the Forget-Me-Not Grant Fund.

  5. Celebrating the forward-thinking women that shaped Alpha Phi by preserving our rich heritage.

Our own Alpha Phi Xi chapter at the University of Toronto has hosted various philanthropic events for the alpha phi foundation and other organizations within the community!

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