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Information on the recruitment process at the University of Toronto can be found here:

Below are the general requirements that potential new members (PNMs) must follow during the formal recruitment process. Note that formal recruitment occurs in September of each academic year (this applies to every Panhellenic sorority on campus)! Informal recruitment (COB) throughout the school year will be advertised on each sorority's Instagram page.

  • We have seven Panhellenic sororities so it's important to visit all of them. 

  • You are required to pay chapter dues; however, every chapter has different dues so it is important to ask how much their dues are and if they are all-inclusive or not. 

  • Each sorority has its own philanthropic endeavor and it is very vital to know what cause you’ll be committing yourself to. 

  • Every sorority has its own chapter house, so if you are interested in living in the house; ask about the rent rates and how many living spaces are available. 

  • Once you sign up for the recruitment mailing list, you will be assigned a Recruitment Counsellor (RC). An RC is a sorority woman in the Panhellenic community who helps guide PNMs through the recruitment process and offer them unbiased advice. 

  • If you accept your bid, you will be asked to “pledge” to that sorority. Afterward, you will be initiated which is when you officially join the sorority and become a member. 

  • However, if for any reason you leave the organization after pledging, you still cannot attend any recruitment events or try to gain membership into another sorority. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next year to go through recruitment again. 

  • If you choose to leave the organization after being initiated you CANNOT join any National Panhellenic Conference sorority on ANY campus in North America. 

  • Most importantly, all National Panhellenic Conference sororities do not haze their members, if you encounter any type of suspicious behavior please contact the National Panhellenic Conference immediately.  

  • Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email or email our Vice President of recruitment, Tori Gagne at

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